Z-West Insurance is here to take the guess work out of your Medicare health coverage and Utah Medicare Advantage plans. One of the issues we see most frequently is with the enrollment periods. Many people do not realize that there are multiple enrollments available. Here is a brief explanation of each.


Automatic Enrollment

If you already receive Social Security, Railroad Retirement, or Federal Retiree benefits, your Medicare enrollment will be automatic when you turn 65. You should receive your Medicare card, confirming that you are entitled to Medicare Part A and Part B, shortly before your 65th birthday.


Initial Enrollment

If you are not eligible for automatic enrollment, don’t worry. You can enroll by calling the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213, by going online to www.socialsecurity.gov , by visiting the nearest Social Security office, or by visiting us here at Z-West Insurance. You have three months before your 65th birthday, the month of your birthday, and up to three months after to enroll without penalty.


You can also enroll in a Utah Medicare supplement insurance plan like Medicare Part D, prescription coverage, at the same time without incurring penalties.


General Enrollment

If you do not enroll during your initial enrollment, you may enroll during the next general enrollment period which is January 1 through March 1 each year (unless you are entitled to a Special Enrollment). If you choose general enrollment, your Medicare coverage will not begin until the following July 1. Your monthly Medicare Part B premium will also increase to include a permanent 10 percent penalty for each year of delayed enrollment.


Special Enrollment

There are also special enrollment dates that are very specific to circumstances of those working past age 65. See a Z-West Insurance specialist for more information about Special Enrollment.


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