Our Z-Medicare Insurance agents are experts at all things Utah Medicare and Medicare Supplements in Utah. We want every healthcare experience you have to be a positive one. That’s why we have published this article educating our readers about one of the tools to express their concerns about their healthcare or their Medicare coverage—the ability to file a complaint or “grievance.”


If you have a concern or issue that is not a request for coverage or reimbursement, you have the right to file a complaint. You might file if you have a complaint about:

  • A doctor, hospital, or provider
  • Your health or drug plan
  • Quality of your care
  • Your dialysis or kidney transplant care
  • Durable medical equipment


You can file an appeal if you disagree with a coverage or payment decision made by Medicare, your Medicare health plan, or your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. File an appeal if you are denied:

  • A request for a health care service, supply, or prescription drug
  • A request for payment of a health care service, supply or prescription drug you already got
  • A request to change the amount you must pay for a health care service, supply or prescription drug


Before you file a complaint or appeal:

Each plan has specific rules you will need to know when filing a complaint. You can call our dedicated agents at Z-Medicare or your State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) for free, personalized help filing.


You’ll need to have ready when you file:

  • Your basic information (name, DOB, address, and phone number)
  • Medicare card information (Medicare number and effective date)
  • Health or drug plan information (plan name and contract ID)
  • Complaint topic (benefits, prescription drugs, services, etc.)


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