Medigap Plans: Vary Depending on Where You Live

What Medigap Plan will you choose? In Utah and other states, people have the freedom to choose their health and prescription drug coverage. One option that is administered by the Federal Government is Original Medicare. This option provides Part A coverage which takes care of in-patient and specialized care as well as Part B coverage which [...]

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Help Prevent Medicare Fraud

April 21, 2015 Medicare fraud affects everyone by raising costs, lowering coverage, and making it more difficult to qualify. At Z-West Insurance Group our dedicated and helpful agents and Utah Medicare Advantage experts are teaching our customers and readers how to identify, report, and stop fraud and identity theft. Here are some things you can do: Protect [...]

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What You Need to Know About Medicare Supplement Policies (Medigaps)

Medicare supplement policies are meant to “supplement” original Medicare Part A and B policies, to include any missing services or supplies. At Z-West Insurance Group, we specialize in Utah Medicare supplement plans. Medicare supplement policies are sold by approved, private insurance companies that can also cover the costs that original Medicare does not, such as copayments, coinsurance, and [...]

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Medicare and Other Insurance Working Together

If you have Medicare and another health insurance or coverage, each type of coverage is called a “payer.” When there is more than one payer, there are “coordination of benefits” rules that decide which one pays first. Your primary payer will pay their portion, then send the bill on to the second payer, and so [...]

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Outpatient Therapy and Medicare Coverage

If you have had recent surgery for a hip replacement, or a stroke, you will probably need outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech-language pathology services. When you are enrolled in outpatient care, be sure you know the limits of how much Medicare will pay. Z-West Insurance agents can help you determine the strengths and limits [...]

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Medicare Enrollments

Z-West Insurance is here to take the guess work out of your Medicare health coverage and Utah Medicare Advantage plans. One of the issues we see most frequently is with the enrollment periods. Many people do not realize that there are multiple enrollments available. Here is a brief explanation of each.   Automatic Enrollment If [...]

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Before Medicare

At Z-West Insurance we know that the road to Medicare is a trip of planning. If you or a loved one will be eligible for Medicare soon, it is important to gather information and educate yourself about the various coverage options available to you. There are Utah Medicare health plans, Utah Medicare supplements (Medigap) plans, [...]

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Help with Your Healthcare Costs

At Z-Medicare Insurance Group we work for our customers. Our dedicated Medicare agents in UT are always looking for ways to help our customers save money while getting the best coverage for their needs. Today’s article is about the former—saving money.   You may qualify for help with your premiums, deductibles, copayments, or prescription costs [...]

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Making Medicare Complaints Easier to Address

Our Z-Medicare Insurance agents are experts at all things Utah Medicare and Medicare Supplements in Utah. We want every healthcare experience you have to be a positive one. That’s why we have published this article educating our readers about one of the tools to express their concerns about their healthcare or their Medicare coverage—the ability [...]

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Alzheimer’s Prevention Research

While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, some research points to some prevention. Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco said that over 50% of all Alzheimer’s cases might be prevented through certain lifestyle changes. 1.    Control your blood sugar Scientists have found a distinct link between diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Many of the patients [...]

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